3. Getting Unstuck: Looking Inward to Gain Awareness

In the preceding episode, Jeff and Kirsten talked about the “contemplation” phase of change – as an individual or as an organization you know something is off. You’re not yet committing to change, but you’re considering the need for it.

Listen for:

In this episode, we move from “Contemplation” to “Preparation,” or “Discovery.” we move from “something’s not right” to “I need to expand my awareness of what’s going on.” Here we seek data, actively initiate learning, question our actions and inactions – in general, we evoke curiosity. And that curiosity is all directed at identifying internal pain points.

As Jeff and Kirsten go on to explain, there are a number of strategies you can follow to gain greater internal awareness.

After listening to the episode:

  1. Create a “Mining for Gold” journal that has you identify work activities that engage or don’t engage you. Note the intensity of your engagement or disengagement.

  2. Create a physical space in your organization to have employees identify what they believe is the organization’s mission. Where do you have consistent understanding, or divergent opinions?

  3. As an individual or as part of an organization, what are you skipping? What are you not looking at, jumping over, not considering?

Jeff Ikler