Getting to Know Career and Leadership Coach Jeff Ikler

Have you ever felt totally stuck? Do your ever feel like your relationships, career or life goals seem to be spinning in place? Do you wonder why some changes stick, while others are doomed to failure?

Joe Kwon, host of the unique “Why it Works” podcast, turns the table 180 degrees and interviews me on coaching.

Listen for:

• Why I became interested in coaching and how that role differs from my previous corporate leadership role.

• How coaching differs from mentoring, consulting, and therapy.

• Why “being stuck” is the starting point for all coaching.

• How “hidden commitments” work against our best efforts to change.

• What role our Inner Critic attempts to play and why; and how our typically underdeveloped “Sage” – our inner wisdom – can begin to serve as a counterbalance.

• Why looking at life as if you are paddling in a canoe is better than if you’re rowing in a rowboat.

• How we walk a fine line between learning from the past and living in the past.

After listening to the episode:

  1. Where have you been “stuck” in life – or where are you presently stuck?

  2. What’s the message your inner critic whispers to you?

  3. What positive and negative experiences from your past may trigger how you look at aspects of life today?

Jeff Ikler