Getting Unstuck: Finding Your Inner Voice. A Transformation Story with Becca Bycott.

Our lives are rarely linear. Most of start out "here" and then make a series of twists and turns. Sometimes we’re the driver. Sometimes fate and opportunity take the wheel. And sometimes someone else says “I’ll drive.”

In this series we’re calling “Transformation Stories,” we depart from our traditional format where we talk to an expert about some aspect of change. Instead, here we interview one individual about how they came to be where they are today. We’ll focus on a turning point, or catalyst that propelled them from a less than desirable situation to one that’s more aligned with who they really are and where they want to be.

I want to live a life where I create a community of conversation around the idea that when marriages don’t work out, you become something else. Hopefully something better.
— from "What’s in a Name? Defying Divorce Shame as a ‘Bride in Reverse’" July 22, 2018

In this "Transformation Story," we talk with Becca Bycott. Becca's life began to take a major turn one day riding the Metro in Washington D.C. "Courage" she would later say, "is the willingness to realize that something isn't working and to change it." And a big part of something in her life wasn’t working. As she stepped off the train, she began a journey toward self-awareness that now expresses itself in rich and honest conversation, and at the keyboard.

Some of the most popular stories on Becca’s blog speak to cooking, so here’s one of her favorite  recipes .

Some of the most popular stories on Becca’s blog speak to cooking, so here’s one of her favorite recipes.

Listen for:

• The catalyst, the turning point, in Becca’s life that propelled her to seek more.

• How Becca’s blog, “Bride in Reverse,” is serving as a blueprint for how she’s living day-to-day.

• How Becca demonstrates transparency and vulnerability.

• How Becca found her “voice.”

• “Mindfulness” can be defined as being deeply aware of who we really are when we strip away our inner fears and protective devices, knowing what values motivate us, observing the patterns of our own behaviors, and living in the present moment. How does Becca authentically demonstrate mindfulness and to what end?

• The role that gratitude plays in Becca’s life.

• How Becca manages set-backs.

After Listening to the Episode:

  1. Either as an individual or as an organization, what small experiences – what tastes, what field trips – can you set up to see what a different future state could look like?

  2. One way Becca choses to find and demonstrate her voice is through her “Bride in Reverse” blog. If you’re stuck, what therapy might you experiment with to find your voice?

  3. Check out Becca’s blog, Bride in Reverse, on the Medium platform:

  4. And speaking of “taste,” another way Becca expresses herself – another therapy – is through cooking. It has generated some of the most reads on her blog. Try one of her favorite recipes above.

Jeff Ikler