Getting Unstuck: Increasing Employee Loyalty and Retention – an Interview with Heather Younger

Many organizations are not routinely curating employee experiences – purposefully offering – to keep them engaged and loyal. – Heather Younger

How can organizations best engage their employees to create real loyalty? What impact does leadership have on employee loyalty and engagement? What do we need to know about employee retention today?

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In this episode of “Getting Unstuck,” we hear from Heather Younger, best-selling author, workshop facilitator, motivational speaker, and host of the very popular podcast, “Leadership with Heart.”

Listen for:

• Why Heather chose to focus on people.

• What contributes to the staggering lack of engagement among U.S. workers.

• Why leaders – referring to the position – really don’t get leadership – referring to the behavior, e.g., a lack of emotional intelligence.

• The role (power) of apologies in good self-management.

• How company engagement activities are starting to shift.

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• How real listening in its various forms – e.g., 1:1 conversations, data gathering and analysis – can drive effective change.

• Why employee shifts to more self-driven engagement is somewhat slow to evolve.

• How you can assess leaders on what they feel about employee engagement.

• How organizations might be shifting their hiring practices.

• The kinds of questions hiring managers should be asking candidates.

• How organizations can sustain their organizations by retaining institutional knowledge.

After listening to the episode:

  1. Look for the “cycle of listening” that exists in your organization. If you don’t see one, what might a cycle of listening look like?

  2. Where do you fall on the question of employee retention?

    “People are going to leave anyway, so why invest in them.”

    “If we invest in them, they might not leave.”

Jeff Ikler