Getting Unstuck: Changing How We Support Veterans and Communities – an Interview with Marvin Cadet

We’re really trying to change the conversation around what veterans have to offer after leaving the military and making an impact in communities, and sharing that these communities have more potential.

In this episode, we’re joined by Marvin Cadet, a Project Manager for The Mission Continues. The Mission Continues is a national, nonpartisan nonprofit that empowers Armed Forces’ veterans to continue their service, and empower communities with their talent, skills and preparedness to generate visible impact. Marvin helps run critical community service projects in the Northeast – revitalizing neighborhoods, transforming public spaces, and improving educational resources.

Marvin giving his team final details before they head out to a service site.

Marvin giving his team final details before they head out to a service site.

As you listen

• What has been the common theme throughout Marvin’s professional life thus far?• What’s the essential ingredient for coaching and training volunteers to do their best work for The Mission Continues?

• How does “the story” of a site impact how Marvin and his team approach a local project?

• What are the three elements that Marvin looks for relative to the veterans he engages in the service work?

• How do leadership and soft skills – problem solving, collaboration, and ownership – enter into the overall value that The Mission Continues provides veterans and community members?

• How does Marvin manage resistance when it surfaces?

• How do systems and infrastructure enter into the idea of infusing the concept of shared leadership on a team?

Making it personal

What does Marvin’s philosophy and approach to project management offer you and your organization especially in these areas:

  1. clarifying what you’re trying to achieve; identifying what success looks like

  2. managing the details

  3. communicating

  4. uncovering the unknowns; navigating ambiguity

  5. establishing trust with the team

  6. overcoming resistance

  7. creating an environment of psychological safety

  8. clarifying decision making and managing conflicts

  9. cultivating “leadership” in everyone

  10. creating a sense of ownership on the part of members of the team

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