Getting Unstuck: Accelerating Staff Performance – an Interview with Steve Paul

What are your experiences with performance appraisals? Useful? A waste of time? Somewhere in the middle? In this episode we talk with Steve Paul, former owner of a construction service company and now head of Six68 Consulting Group where he coaches, mentors, and provides training for leaders and organizations. Steve details a performance practice he started with his team called “Acceleration Meetings.”

This is the process form that Steve followed during his “Acceleration Meetings.”

This is the process form that Steve followed during his “Acceleration Meetings.”

Listen for:

• What drove Steve to focus on human resources as he ran his own business.

• Steve’s view on some major problems with performance appraisals.

• What prompted Steve to set up his company “acceleration meetings.”

• The questions Steve used during the “acceleration meetings.”

• What can come from “listening for brilliance”?

• Why high performers especially need frequent feedback.

• The five findings the Human Capital Institute found through their research. Listen here:

• The most important thing you can do as a manager.

After listening to the episode:

  1. What is your experience with “listening”? Do you fully hear what the other person is saying, or do you tend to drift off, reacting in your mind to something they’ve said? If the latter, increase your presentness by occasionally reframing what the other person has been saying.

  2. If you manage people, how might you weave acceleration meetings into your performance manage practice?

For more info:

• Steve’s LinkedIn profile:

• Steve gave the history of the “Acceleration Meetings” through a LinkedIn vlog post. You can watch that introduction here.

• If you want to hear the full Human Capital Institute September 10, 2018 interview, “Performance Management Done Differently Outshines the Baseline,” listen here:

Jeff Ikler