Getting Unstuck: Creating a Healthy Relationship with Technology – an Interview with Neil Hughes

Every kid should start to think differently. Think bigger. Think about the impossible. Knowing that if we put the hours in, we can accomplish anything.

Love or hate the fact, innovations in technology are happening with ever-increasing speed. In this interview, we’ll hear from Neil Hughes, a highly respected authority on technology, on how to develop a healthier relationship with technology than we might currently have. Neil is a much sought after speaker and writer– and ghost writer–on technology trends. He hosts the incredibly popular daily “radio program” as he calls it – 50,000 listeners world wide – “The Tech Blog Writer Podcast.“ And speaking of podcasts, Neil will walk us through what the podcaster wannabe should consider before ever buying a microphone.

For more info on Neil, his blog and podcast, check out

For more info on Neil, his blog and podcast, check out

Listen for:

• Why does 5G excite Neil, and what benefits does he seeing it bring?

• What tech “giants” does Neil look to for inspiration?

• What message would Neil bring to kids about the skills they’re going to need in the ever-changing world of technology?

• Where is Neil on the debate on technology bringing us together versus pushing us apart?

• What’s Neil’s advice for helping people to avoid the exhaustion of constant technology change?

• What should potential podcasters be thinking about beyond the technology itself? (Hint: “Nobody wants to be the guide who has the most equipment, but the fewest ideas.”)

We need to learn to live beside technology rather than think we’re going to be replaced by it.

After listening to the episode:

If you were thinking about starting a podcast, what would be your “why”? Who would you want to speak to? What content would you want to offer them?

For more on Neil:

LinkedIn Profile –

• Website – (Tech Blog Writer Podcast)

• Podcast – (Tech Blog Writer Podcast)

• Twitter – NeilCHughes

Jeff Ikler