Getting Unstuck: Creating the "Killer" Marketing Message – an Interview with Zach Messler

When the iPhone came out, control started to shift. Buyers changed. They now have access to everything and anything at any time. It’s not about you as the company, or you as the seller. It’s about the buyer. It’s about what the audience thinks at any given moment. If you’re not addressing a problem that they understand and get that they have – and want to address – you’re missing out on that piece of the market.

We are joined today on “Getting Unstuck – Shift for Impact” by marketing master, Zach Messler. Zach spent 20 years focused on product marketing for B2B tech, teaching non-technical sales pros how to explain complex software to executive buyers. And, it’s where he came up with a simple methodology that makes product and service message clear, compelling, and convincing. Today, he helps entrepreneurs and growing tech companies know what to say and how to say it so they can make a bigger impact on the world — and their wallets.

Zach’s personal personal icon is the lighting bolt. As you’ll hear in this interview, it represents the deep, almost electric passion with which he approaches marketing communication – a passion born of knowing the disaster that awaits those who fail to heed what’s really driving marketing communication and sales today. As he points out in the above quote, the context in which the seller / buyer operate has changed. Dramatically. The once standard marketing approaches don’t work anymore. Listen in to find out why they don’t work and what does.

Listen for:

• Why, according to Zach, did the traditional ways of marketing no longer work with the introduction of the smart phone and the growth of the internet?

• Where does Zach stand on the “content is king” vs “value” debate?

• What does Zach look for in a client beyond investing their money?

• Why is stressing features and benefits as a marketer likely to fall short? What should marketers focus on instead?

• What are the three questions that Zach asks to help clients develop a “clear, compelling and convincing” message?

• What are the three elements of the “Why does it matter?” question, and why is each important?

It (marketing) is first about helping organizations make an impact on the world, and then because of that, their wallets.

After listening to the episode:

  1. If you are involved at all in the marketing of an organization’s product or services, or you’re building your solopreneur website, or even if you’re writing a cover letter to your resume, how will Zach’s three questions help you drive your message home?

  2. Think about the organizations from whom you purchase goods or services. How does Zach’s “Why does it matter?” question enter into your engagement with that organization?

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