Career Coaching

What is it?

I believe the answers to your questions are already inside of you. It’s my job to ask powerful questions that help clear away that tangle of brush that has built up over the years and is keeping you stuck in your job or career.

I don’t function as a consultant or as a mentor:  I’m not going to point you to the answers that worked for others or me.

You’re a unique individual.

Why would I want you to simply adopt what may have worked for others? Why would you?

I also don’t function as a psychologist or therapist – although my work can be therapeutic. It’s not my job to fix what happened to you in the past. It is my job, however, to understand how it might be impacting you today – holding you back from a more fulfilling work life.


What can career coaching help with?

If you’re like many people, you want to make a difference through the work you do, but sometimes you can feel stagnant in your career, unfulfilled or burnt out. Here are the most common career growth areas that I coach people through:


You want to change your job

You want to remain in your current career and even in your current company, but the work you’re performing is just not right for you. Or you and your manager just do not see eye-to-eye. Or maybe you want to prepare to take that next step along the leadership ladder.


You want better work/life balance

Your work/life balance is out of whack. Work is suffering; home is suffering; you’re suffering.


You want to leave your job

You've had it and are ready for something new. You want to leave your current career and pursue something entirely different.


You want to improve

You’re a manager, and you want to learn how to develop up-and-coming talent. You want to learn how to coach.

THE SOLUTION – Identifying and working toward meeting a clear coaching goal

My career coaching will help you pinpoint your area of dissatisfaction and create meaningful actions to get you where you want to be in your work or career. 

Our work together will help you:

  • Realize your specific work / career purpose

  • Acknowledge what motivates you in the workplace and in a career

  • Clarify your values

  • Understand and get in touch with your emotions and predictable behaviors

  • Illuminate and manage that which has held you back

  • Identify options that help you make reasoned choices about how to move forward to achieve your goal

  • Create a harder hitting LinkedIn Profile and resume

  • Prepare for job interviews

Now, take one small step to get started- 

Want to find out what's holding it back? Want to get in touch with your strengths? Let’s find out. Take the short “need-to-name-this” assessment that will ask you to measure your satisfaction in 10 key areas of your work life.


Test drive coaching

Book a complimentary SPARK session to experience my coaching.

Jeff’s coaching has been extremely valuable to me. I have developed a plan of action based on what I have learned about myself. Jeff’s easy demeanor and probing questions promoted my openness and self-awareness, and helped me to reach deep inside to unlock my true potential. I strongly recommend Jeff’s coaching as a way to promote deep and positive thinking, and strong problem solving in your everyday living.

My coaching process

I customize my coaching process to meet your particular needs and job or career situation, but here is a general framework for how I work. 

 BEFORE   Prior to our first session, I'll offer you the opportunity to complete one or more assessments—personal leadership behaviors, values identification, emotional intelligence snapshot, and 360' feedback—that can help pinpoint potential areas of focus for our coaching. 

DURING   We will start our work together by identifying what work and career “satisfaction” means to you. We will identify your most important and defining values, so that you can use them to make informed decisions.

Coaching is all about getting you to reflect on what's important to you, what you need to be satisfied, how you want to show up in your career and life, what's working and not working for you, and so on.  So I'll ask you a lot of questions and listen. Finally, I’ll help you identify your inner critic—that often nagging internal voice that holds you back from moving toward the work life you want.

AFTER   When we close a session, I’ll likely pose Inquiry questions, or suggest simple Activities to keep you active until our next session. Maintaining our momentum between sessions is critical because that is where my clients typically experience the most growth. On occasion, I'll also pose Challenges, which are designed to push you out of your comfort zone for real growth.